Stats Updated On : July 17, 2024

Van Gogh

We offer you statistics on Van Gogh slot that are unique in the industry – based on actual spins tracked by our community of players. Read on to learn more.

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Van Gogh Community Data

This data is your snapshot of how this slot is tracking for the community.

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Van Gogh Community Bonus Data

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Van Gogh slot review

From a total of 466 total spins, Van Gogh has reached an RTP of 128.79%, a wins frequency of 1/4.1 (24.46%), and an overall highest win of €60.50. What do you make of this?

Now we will take a look at some of the stats we’ve got on Van Gogh slot.

Van Gogh RTP

As mentioned before, the RTP of Van Gogh slot is 128.79%.

RTP stands for Return to Player. It refers to the percentage of the total bet played on a slot game that the player wins back. So by this definition: the higher the Van Gogh RTP, the better. This stat is not to be understood as a prediction of how much you will win after one, two, or even a whole bunch of spins. The percentage is determined by the supplier after millions of artificial spins are simulated.

Our stat is different. It is calculated based on the actual spins played by our community of players.

Van Gogh slot game: other stats

We offer plenty of other stats on casino products. We can tell you the number of times our players entered into bonus rounds. In the case of Van Gogh online slot, the total number of bonus rounds is 40, the average bonus win is 27.5, and the bonus frequency rate is 1/1.0 (100%).

Other stats we offer are unique to our tool. SRP gives you an estimate on how much you are predicted to win on a per-spin basis. It does this by taking the Total RTP over the Total Spins. The SRP of Van Gogh is 136.32%.

The tool also gives you the Hit Rate of slots. In the case of Van Gogh slot, the hit rate is 1/4.1 (24.46%).

Personal Stats vs Community Stats

Personal Stats give you an account of all your playing activity. It is incredibly useful in keeping a record of the amount of cash you’ve spent (and hopefully won), allowing you to be more responsible.

Community Stats is where we pool together all our players’ data to establish our own, unique sets of data on casino products. You can view this info on our console, along with guides and explanations of what the different stats refer to.

Other stats on the console include:

  • Total Spins
  • Best Win
  • Total Wins
  • Amount In
  • Amount Out
  • Profits and Losses
  • Flagged Stats

Sometimes, the stats displayed on the console will seem unusual. In these instances, the info will be flagged. This usually occurs due to a lack of spins on the particular slot being played. Any info that falls outside the below ranges will be flagged:

Stats Range
Spins Less than 20,000
RTP 85%-110%
Hit Rate 1/2 – 1/8
Bonus Frequency 1/50 – 1/300

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Free play is available on Van Gogh online slot (depending on where you are currently based). Why not try Van Gogh slot for free? Head over to a casino of your choice and give it a spin.

Responsible Gambling

It is important to understand that nothing can ultimately predict the outcome of a genuine slot game. This is due to the fact that they are designed to be random. While our tool can give honest and accurate data about slots’ different RTPs, volatilities, hit rates, etc., using these products should always ultimately be for entertainment purposes only.

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Is Van Gogh slot safe?

The casino products we track have been tested and certified by independent accredited test facilities (ATF). They are tested to ensure they meet regulations, including player protection, fairness, and security, for a number of different regulated markets.

Is Slot Tracker free to use?

Absolutely. Once you download the tool, you will be able to start using it in its entirety. Nothing is behind a paywall or locked. The tool and all its great features are available for you to use and enjoy for free.

Are you affiliated with any supplier or casino?

We operate independently of other entities and the data we provide to players is totally objective.

What data will the tool be tracking other than spins?

No other data other than your spins will be tracked. We understand people’s valid concerns about data. We assure you that our platform is cryptographically signed which guarantees that the files you download came directly from us and have not been corrupted or tampered with. All of your spin data is transmitted using the latest secure technology and is protected with the highest level SSL certificates. Your personal details are encrypted and your gaming data is held in a secure database.