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What can Slot Tracker do for YOU?

Slot Tracker adds an exciting dimension to slot play, allowing you to easily record and review your experience over multiple sessions and multiple machines - even multiple casinos and providers.

Our Features

Accurately Track Your Slot Data

Detailed management of your financials, RTP percentages and bonus results with a variety of graphs and mapping solutions. Updated in real time as you play, so you can gamble smarter.

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Completely Automated

No need to keep your own records. Slot Tracker automatically grabs your slot data directly from the browser without you having to worry about updating spreadsheets yourself.

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Compare Your Statistics

Compare your slot results to the masses. See the RTP averages for slots, average bonus frequency, average wins and more from thousands of other real money spins.

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Powerful Expense Tracking

Monitor your precise spending across any casino, or slot machine so you can see which games are playing best for you. Export your expenses, and logs into Excel spreadsheets.

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Security Is Our Highest Priority

We have been dedicated in making sure our software is completely secure. Our platform is cryptographically signed to guarantee that what you download came directly from us and has not been corrupted or tampered with.

All of your spin data is transmitted using the latest secure technology and is protected with the highest level SSL certificates.

Your data is held in a secure database and your personal details are encrypted to ensure total peace of mind.

Login to your account with your secure credentials from any computer so you can keep tracking all of your spins wherever you are.

Community Data For Total Control

Each time we choose to play online we are placing our trust in casinos, providers and networks across the globe. Slot Tracker gives the player a new breed of control which enables you to make sure you are being treated fairly.

Our detailed tracking software keeps track of community data. See which games and casinos have the best odds and compare your results to the masses.

Review and monitor RTP percentages, average bonus awards, bonus frequency and lots more detailed data from millions of spins. Compare your results and see how you shape up against everyone else.

Refine your results so you can zone in on specific slots, casinos, and providers. All of our collective data can be reviewed on a simple time based history so you can easily see a games statistics from real money play.

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Our Testimonials

"If you want to be smart about playing slots - you NEED to get the slot tracker app. It's the perfect tool for tracking profit & loss, viewing community return to player percentages vs published RTP stats, as well as offering game-specific data like hit rate, SRP, bonus rate & more. 5 stars. Essential."

"Slot Tracker is the difference between having a vague idea that a slot has been abnormally hot or cold, and actually being able to verify if it has using empirical evidence. Whether you want to gamble smarter, keep track of your spending, or just keep better track of your wins for future reference, Slot Tracker does it all."



"This software is simply amazing, it tracks all of my spins on all of my played Casinos and displays them in a simple way, allowing me to keep track of any profit and/or losses. It also displays data from other users at Slot Tracker to help me compare my statastics."

Nick Preston


"Finally the app we have all been waiting for! Not only does it help manage my bankroll, but its also fun at the same time. I was fed up of having to track my data in excel spreadsheets. Now with Slot Tracker I can forget using other apps. This is the only one you need. Fantastic!"

Kim Hultman


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