Slot Tracker Console

Your hub for statistics on 3.5K slots available at 1.2K casinos.

The Slot Tracker console lets you take a deep dive into slot, casino and game provider statistics, at a personal and community level.

You can access it from the extension itself or our website, to see the slot statistics you’ve been tracking in more detail. It’s split into 5 sections – Dashboard, Activity, Slots, Casinos and Providers – the first 2 of which show personalised data.


Visit the Slot Tracker console regularly to…

1. Overview

Get an overview of your current top slot, casino and game provider based on RTP.

2. Slot-focused

Discover yours and the community’s top slots based on RTP and best win.

3. Latest

View a list of the latest slots you can track that’s updated weekly.

Latest SLots
4. Offers

Get first access to exclusive offers from established and new casinos.

5. Activity

Keep track of your activity across any casino you play at in one place.

Slot Activity

What do I need to know about how the Slot Tracker console works?

Unlike the Slot Tracker extension, there’s not much to understand about how the console works behind the scenes. 

Essentially, it’s a cumulation and visualisation of the slot data tracked by you and the community. The spins you track are recorded by our tracking tool and then displayed through various charts and graphs to make your next betting decision easier.

Say you’re tracking slot Book Of Dead by Play’n GO, and you’d like to know its volatility index or how many bonuses it’s paid out to the community. Just head to the slot’s console page for the details.


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