Slot Tracker for Casino Streamers

Boost your casino streams with real-time slot statistics for free.

Casino streamers who use the Slot Tracker extension during their live streams beat claims of being fake or rigged without losing any of the entertainment value. Are you ready to join them?

Casino streaming with Slot Tracker

What you’ll get…

  • Exclusive Streamer Mode

    Slot Tracker casino streamers benefit from an exclusive version of our extension that doesn’t take away from your live stream. Our live stats are still visible, they just won’t get in the way or comprise the entertainment value of your streams.

    Exclusive Slot Tracker streaming mode
  • No Ads

    We understand that you partner with online casinos of your choice and we respect that. In Streamer Mode, you won’t have any ads pop-up on extension so you can continue to promote the casinos you know and love to your viewers.

    No ads shown while streaming with Slot Tracker
  • 100% Free, Real-Time Stats

    It’s indisputable that integrity with your audience is essential. That’s why when you stream using our extension, your key slot stats update in real-time to show your viewers exactly what you’re winning, losing, and how many bonuses you’ve landed.

    Stream casino for free with Slot Tracker
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How to become a casino streamer with Slot Tracker

Contact our team
Fill in our contact form to set up an initial call with us. Include a bit about yourself, a link to your channel, and why you’d like to collaborate with us.
Join us for a demo
We’ll run you through our slot tracking tool, how to best set it up for streaming, and anything else you need to know.
Start streaming
Once you’re happy with the set up, you’re ready to start casino streaming with Slot Tracker. Our account manager will be available throughout.

Why you should add our extension to your stream

  • Back your streams with real-time data

    Back your streams with live data

  • Reach our 10,000+ community

    Reach our 10,000+ community

  • Add authenticity to your streams

  • Squash claims of being faked or rigged

    Squash claims of being faked or rigged

Slot Tracker Casino Streaming FAQs

Do I have to pay to stream using Slot Tracker?

Our tool is 100% free.

I’ve never used the extension before. Is it easy to use?

Once you’ve downloaded our extension and logged in to your account, it will run alongside any video slot you track, updating your stats in real-time.

Will the extension distract my viewers or make my stream less entertaining?

We understand that between your video, the slot you’re playing, the live chat, and so on, screen space is limited on casino streams. We’ll work with you during our demo to ensure the extension doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

Which slots can I stream?

We currently track over 3,500 video slots but sometimes updates on the game providers’ backend or the casino you’re playing on can affect tracking. We’ll keep you up-to-date on which slots are tracking accurately.

Which casinos are available?

We track over 1,300 casinos operating all over the world. Let us know if the casino you play on is missing and we’ll add it to our database.

Will my data be shared with the rest of the community?

No, your data is stored in our database along with data from other users and then aggregated into community stats which are shown in the console.

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