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Increase the credibility of your website with live slot, casino and game provider data.

Slot Tracker widgets provide a straightforward and automatic way to add life and legitimacy to your ever-green casino content.

You can choose from 3 main areas – slots, casinos and providers – each with their own set of widgets dedicated to a specific statistic including RTP, volatility and more. You can decide whether to section off or combine these widgets as best suits your content.

Add the Slot Tracker widget to your site to…

  • Easily integrate live data onto your website

  • Make evergreen content current

    EverGreen Slots content
  • Increase the credibility of your content

    Slots Statistics Credibility
  • Increase revenue opportunities

    Slot Affiliate Revenue Opportunities

Types of Slot Tracker widgets

Slot Widgets

By aggregating every single slot spin tracked on thousands of slots, you’re able to provide your site’s visitors with up-to-date slots statistics including RTP & SRP, the best win, volatility, wagering rate and various bonus stats.

Slot Games Statistics

Casino Widgets

All slots spins tracked on all game providers at a given casino cumulate to provide you with a current, comprehensive casino overview. All data is available for you to build your own widget except for volatility and wagering rate.

Casino Statistics

Provider Widgets

You can also create provider widgets for around 20 of the industry’s top game providers that we currently track. Again, volatility and wagering rate are not included here as outliers would skew the data shown to your users.

Game Provider Statistics

Slot Tracker widgets are available on…

Our widgets are available on a number of expert casino review sites including:

What statistics are available per widget?

Let’s take a closer look at the statistics that are available for each type of widget.

  • Real-time RTP & SRP

    RTP & SRP Widgets

    RTP and SRP are the absolute, need-to-know stats for online casino players. Provide this data for video slots, online casinos and game providers to your website visitors based on millions and millions of spins.

  • Accuracy

    Best Win Widgets

    Cutting-edge slot features, reel layouts and themes keep slot play entertaining but you’d be hard pressed to find a player who wasn’t interested in knowing how much they can win. Show them this data upfront.

  • Volatility index

    Volatility Index Widgets

    Volatility is mentioned when any game provider promotes their new slot release and is sought after by players. Show your site’s visitors whether a slot’s on the higher or lower end based on Slot Tracker’s community spins.

  • Bonus Stats

    Bonus Frequency, Hit Rate, & Average Bonus Widgets

    Three key bonus metrics are combined into one to show how much a slot, casino or game provider is paying to our community overall. Share this with your users to keep their bonus round and hit rate expectations in check.

Widget Stack

How to create your own Slot Tracker widget

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