Stats Updated On : March 28, 2023


Our slot tracking tool can isolate data according to specific casinos. This data can vary quite significantly. Let’s reveal the stats for Sbobet in our Sbobet review.

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Here are the top high RTP slots based on community spins.

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These are the most popular slots based on total community spins.

Aztec Gems
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Sbobet Casino Review

Using the data gathered, we’ve put together this Sbobet casino review, created using our Slot Tracker tool. This tool tracks your spins as you play online casino games. It aggregates all the data from our community and compiles it into easy-to-use stats, to help guide you and help you decide where you should spend your time (and money!).

So what about Sbobet casino? Here is some of the data we’ve got on Sbobet casino:

Stat Definition Sbobet Stats
Total Spins Land three Free Fall symbols to trigger 10 free falls and the chance to win over 1800x 21,002
Sbobet RTP (Return To Player) The amount of money the slot game has returned to players – expressed as a percentage of the total amount they bet 63.88%
P&L (Profits and Losses) The overall amount of money players have won or lost at the casino €-8,621.10
In Amount of money players have bet at the casino 516142.51
Out Amount of money players have won at the casino 1/5.2 (19.16%)
Hit Rate Number of times players win money – expressed as a percentage of the total number of times they played €997.50
Best Win Total number of times players won bonuses Head over to our tool to find out!
Total Bonuses The amount of money the slot game has returned to players in the BONUS ROUNDS – expressed as a percentage of the total amount they bet 0.03x
Bonus Frequency Average rate at which players enter into bonus rounds – expressed in relation to total number of times they played 1/1,750.2 (0.06%)

Sbobet Slots

There’s some really great Sbobet slots that are available for you to play (depending on your region). Here’s a few:

  • Magician Secrets: This slot comes with Free Spins bonus rounds with both Expanding Wilds and Sticky Wilds.
  • Cash Noire: Detective story meets slot; the bonus rounds include an exciting City Chase Map. Wins of over 5,000 times the bet are possible.
  • Street Fighter 2: Just like in the classic arcade, you choose a fighter; each fighter delivers a different RTP and associated features.
  • Panda Fortune 2: According to supplier stats, this is a high volatility slot with a generous RTP. Do you agree? Head over to our tool to find out.

Sbobet Slots that have Recorded Big Wins:

  • Dead or Alive 2: A remake of the cult classic. This version offers you the chance to land a staggering max win of 100,000x. Has anyone come close to that yet? Check our tool to find out.
  • Hotline 2: The 80s are in vogue right now and Hotline 2 delivers 1980s Miami in its full glory.
  • Street Fighter 2: In this unique slot, you get to choose a character (just like in the old arcade). Each character brings different mechanics to the game.
  • Gonzo’s Quest: A NetEnt legend! Gonzo is a fun character who interacts with the game as you play.

Sbobet Bonus

Sbobet slots generally have in-built bonus levels that you can unlock. Very often, there is a particular symbol that unlocks the bonus level. It’s often – though not always – called the scatter symbol. Bonus levels are often called free spins due to the fact that you generally get a number of free spins to use in these levels – but this varies with each game.

This Sbobet casino has registered a bonus RTP of 0.03x and a bonus frequency of 1/1,750.2 (0.06%).

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Is this casino safe?
Sbobet casino carries a license given by the Malta Gaming Authority.  The MGA strives to ensure that casinos and associated products meet all the regulations, including player protection, fairness, and security, for a number of different regulated markets.

What data will the Slot Tracker extension track?
Our tool will ONLY track your spins. No other information related to your online activity will be monitored or tracked.

Which game has the best RTP?
Our data archive is constantly growing and keeps revealing interesting patterns. Head over to our tool to find out more!