Stats Updated On : July 23, 2024


21 casino has recorded a best win of €1,868.30 and a hit rate of
1/3.4 (29.82%). What’s your take? Would you wager money at this casino?

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Mystery Box

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21 Casino Review – Focus

What makes a great casino? When assessing 21, 21 RTP is an important stat to consider. In fact, RTP is one of the best known metrics that people use to assess the performance of games. In this 21 casino review, we look at some key stats – but we’re barely skimming the surface! Have a look at our console to discover all the insights available to you.

21 RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. Usually, RTP is expressed as a percentage and refers to the amount of money players get out of a game in relation to the amount they put in. You can find several statistics related to RTP by accessing our console. These stats are based on the 137,217 spins that are currently tracked.

21 Casino Data

You can also find statistics related to overall P&L. This is the figure you get when you add up the winnings and the losses based on the 137,217 tracked spins that 21 casino has registered. You can organize the information according to ‘all time’ or ‘today’. You can also find out what the best win at the casino was. In the case of 21, the best win was €1,868.30.

21 Bonus

21 slots are packed with bonus features. Nowadays, games are constantly being reinvented with exciting new mechanics and features. When we talk of 21 bonus, we’re referring to the in-built bonus levels that you can unlock while playing slots. So, how often does 21 dish out bonuses? 21 casino has a bonus frequency of 1/120.2 (0.83%). This is real time data fresh out of our spin tracking tool. By downloading the extension, you will gain access to the console and a wealth of data insight into the most popular online slots around.

21 Hit Rate

Our tool can also give you solid info on the frequency of wins. 21 casino has a hit rate (also known as win frequency) of N/A. Keep in mind that win frequency is not always proportional to RTP. This is where volatility comes into play. Games which are high volatility are said to deliver big payouts but infrequent wins, whereas low volatility titles are the inverse (smaller payouts but frequent wins).

Here are a few high volatility slots (according to supplier data) you can play at 21 casino*. Why not investigate the claims for yourself? See what our community has discovered about these games.

*Availability of games is dependent on the market you’re in.

21 Slots – High Volatility

Book of Dead

A high volatility game by Play ‘n GO. This game is as legendary as they come with a fabled max payout of 5,000 times your stake. Does it live up to the legend? Look into it and reveal the secrets of Book of Dead.

Book of 99

The famous 99% RTP slot (according to supplier data) is a player-favorite and one of Relax Gaming’s better known games. 99% RTP? That’s really high. Put Relax Gaming’s claims to the test at 21 casino.

Dead or Alive 2

The legendary sequel that has proven to be a hit. Players can hit over 100,000 times the bet in Free Spins. This game (at time of writing) has notched an impressive best win of €20,396. Is this still the game’s top win? Head over to the tool to check it out.

We hope you enjoyed this 21 casino review, but there’s a whole lot more to discover! Head over to the tool to dig through the data and pore over the stats!

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We give you objective data gathered from our community’s tracked spins. This data is 100% transparent and real, based on real player’s experiences using online casino products. Suppliers rely on millions upon millions of simulated spins to test the math model of a slot. We rely on people just like you.

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