Stats Updated On : June 10, 2023

Pirates Smugglers Paradise

This Pirates Smugglers Paradise slot review will offer some player-generated stats from our spin-tracking tool. Read on to learn more about what our tool does.

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Pirates Smugglers Paradise Slot Review

Ever felt confused by the sheer number of online slots? With our tool, you’ll know exactly how a slot has performed before you play it. We record each and every player’s spins, pooling together data and feeding that back to our community in the form of statistics.

Why Our Slot Tracking Tool is Different

Slots manufacturers release statistics for each product they produce. They base their statistics on millions of simulated spins. Our stats are based on the actual spins of our community. Our tool represents the first time ever that players are able to pool together their resources to test the legitimacy of suppliers’ claims.

Focus on Pirates Smugglers Paradise Slot Game

This Pirates Smugglers Paradise casino review will look at three of the most important statistics for understanding Pirates Smugglers Paradise slot: RTP, Hit Rate, and Top Win.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise RTP

Pirates Smugglers Paradise RTP currently stands at 75.36%. This statistic is based on 4,514. Our Pirates Smugglers Paradise RTP is different from the official RTP. What do you make of Pirates Smugglers Paradise RTP? Why not head over to the console and compare it to that of countless other high-performing slots?

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Slot Hit Rate

The next thing you’ll want to know about Pirates Smugglers Paradise slot game is how often your spins will result in wins. Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot currently has a hit rate of 1/4.5 (22.15%). What do you make of this? How does it compare to the advertised hit rate of the slot? Does it come close?

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Slot Top Win

The third bit of information that you’ll want to know about Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot is the top win. Casinos will often advertise a number as the highest possible win on a slot. It’s usually an impressively high number. But is that number really reachable? Now, you can check whether anyone in our community has come close to winning that amount. Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot has recorded a best win of €1,995.00 out of 4,514 total spins. Go ahead and head over to to download our tool and see which slots delivered the highest wins. There are plenty of other stats and measures that are important.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Slot Game Volatility

In the world of slots, we often use the term volatility to describe a game’s performance. RTP, Hit Rate, and Top Win are factored into this metric, which describes how often a slot pays out and how sizable those wins are.

Put simply, a slot that pays out often but only delivers small wins is considered to be a low volatility game. A slot that rarely pays out but has the capacity to deliver massive wins is considered to be a high volatility game. Suppliers affix volatility ratings to their products, but it’s not always clear-cut. Our tool continuously monitors slots and gives each game on our tool a real time data volatility rating.

What is Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot’s volatility rating? Head over to our tool to find out.

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Ranges

Since our tool’s statistics are based on real-time data, they are subject to change according to the number of spins that have been tracked. If a slot has had a very small number of spins tracked, the statistics might be unusual. If this happens, the statistic will be flagged. Any statistic that shows up outside our preset ranges is automatically flagged.

Sometimes, even after thousands of spins, a slot might go beyond our preset ranges. Nonetheless, these are accurate reflections of the spins that have been played on the slot.

Play Pirates Smugglers Paradise slot by visiting our casino page and find a casino that suits you!

Pirates Smugglers Paradise Free Play

One effective way to get a sense of how often a slot pays out is to play Pirates Smugglers Paradise slot for free! Pirates Smugglers Paradise free play should be available (depending on your jurisdiction). You will probably be able to play Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot for free by visiting our list of casino. Pirates Smugglers Paradise free play is a great way to get a feel for slots before you play them. You’ll be able to enjoy them without the need to spend money.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about our tool and download the extension. It’s totally free and easy to set up. Once downloaded, you’ll have full access to our console. You’ll know what our community has discovered on the best slots around and immediately start tracking your spins!


Is there anything I can do to increase Pirates Smugglers Paradise RTP?

Slots are based on random number generation and they are not skill-based games. There is nothing you can do to increase the likelihood of a spin resulting in a win. However, different slots have varying RTPs, hit rates, and maximum wins. Find a slot that suits your style of play – you can use our tool to help guide you. Always remember to gamble responsibly.

Is Pirates Smugglers Paradise online slot safe?

The leading providers of slots are operating in a highly regulated industry, and if their products are not compliant with regulations they could easily lose their licence. For this reason, slots are tested by authorised testing facilities which check every aspect of the slot’s random number generation mechanics and maths models and ensure that they check out and perform as advertised. In this way, they are safe. Slots are hosted on the provider’s servers and not the casino website. Always play slots that were manufactured by recognisable providers whom you trust. NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, and Play’n GO are amongst the top suppliers.

Why should I download the Slot Tracker extension?

If you are curious to know which slot game dropped this biggest win, which slot game has the highest hit rate, and which slot game has been the most generous – or, if you’re just curious to know how other players are doing when they play slots – then you’ll love our tool. It offers countless statistics on the best games around, and is the first time ever that players can pool together resources to check suppliers’ claims. And best of all, it’s free!