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Cheshire Cat

This Cheshire Cat slot review will use our Slot Tracker tool to assess Cheshire Cat online slot’s performance according to our community’s data.

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Cheshire Cat Community Data

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Cheshire Cat Slot Review

Cheshire Cat slot game has recorded 6,034 total spins with our tool. Our tool tracks the data gathered from those spins, and turns the data into actionable insights into the game. All the statistics we’ve built on this slot are based on those spins. This contrasts with the official statistics released by suppliers that use millions of artificially generated spins to arrive at their numbers. Our stats are based on the experiences of actual people who have used these products. They are live stats – meaning they are subject to change based on the outcome of spins.

Play Cheshire Cat slot by visiting our Casino page. Here you will find a list of top casinos where you can play Cheshire Cat slot.

Cheshire Cat Slot RTP

Cheshire Cat RTP currently stands at 94.71%. RTP stands for Return To Player and refers to the percentage of the total bet the player wins back from a game over time. When assessing Cheshire Cat RTP, always keep in mind that it is not intended to be a prediction of what you stand to gain on a per spin basis.

Cheshire Cat Slot SRP

If you’re after a statistic that tries to predict what you can win on a per spin basis, have a look at our SRP stat. SRP stands for statistical return percentage. We get our SRP stat by dividing a game’s RTP with the total number of spins. This means that we have a very rough approximation of the average RTP per spin. Cheshire Cat online slot currently has an SRP of 91.56%.

Cheshire Cat Slot Hit Rate

Another important statistic to consider when assessing slots is the hit rate. Simply put, this refers to the percentage of times you will win on a per spin basis. Cheshire Cat slot game currently has a hit rate of 1/3.6 (28.16%).

Hit rate is related to the term volatility. Volatility in slots is a spectrum that ranges from Low Volatility to High Volatility. Low volatility is generally understood to refer to slots that pay out regularly, but generally deliver small amounts. High volatility slots are games with a low hit rate, but which have the capacity to deliver big wins. Suppliers attach volatility classifications to slots, but our spin tracking tool often discovers that slots sometimes behave in very surprising ways. Check out Cheshire Cat slot game on our tool to discover how the slot performed with our community.

Cheshire Cat Slot Highest Win

The highest win on Cheshire Cat slot was €2,463.00. What do you think about that? Start tracking this slot to see it in action.

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Final Word

Our data is an honest reflection of the results of players’ spins, but always remember that slots are built to be unpredictable. Only play Cheshire Cat online slot for entertainment purposes.


Is Cheshire Cat online slot game safe?

Before a game can operate in a regulated market, it needs to be certified as being fair. Regulated markets take player protection, security, and fairness of games very seriously. Games are accredited by government-authorised test facilities that assess the games mechanics and RNG and ensure that it is fair and performs as it is supposed to.

How can I win big while playing these games?

Some games allow you to purchase bonus spins or some other game element that increases the game’s RTP, but other than that, it is impossible to increase your chances of winning as games are totally random, based on RNG (Random Number Generator).

One of the statistics on the Slot Tracker tool has been flagged.

Any statistic that is outside our predetermined ranges will be automatically flagged. Flagged stats are usually the result of a limited number of spins having been played on a game, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, even games with a large number of tracked spins have flagged stats. Although they appear to be unusual, these are accurate reflections of the spins that have been played on the game.