Stats Updated On : April 13, 2024

Wild Cats Multiline

Our Slot Tracker tool has tracked 22,613 total spins on Wild Cats Multiline slot resulting in an RTP of 101.78%. Read on to find out more.

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Wild Cats Multiline Community Data

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Wild Cats Multiline Community Bonus Data

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Wild Cats Multiline Slot Review

We have compiled a sequence of statistics on Wild Cats Multiline slot. This Wild Cats Multiline slot review has been created using the Slot Tracker tool. Once you download our free extension, the tool will track your spins and provide you with information on your gaming activity. It will also merge your data with that of our community to create statistics – often based on millions of spins. This is a revolutionary concept in the industry. It is the first time that players have the opportunity to group their data together and gain insight into the actual performance of casino products. Once you download our tool, you will have access to the following statistics:

  • Total Spins
  • Cash In
  • Cash Out
  • RTP
  • SRP
  • Profits & Losses
  • Hit Rate
  • Best Win
  • Total Bonuses
  • Average Bonus Win
  • Bonus Frequency
  • Slot volatility

Wild Cats Multiline Free Play

We recommend Wild Cats Multiline free play as a way to familiarise yourself with the slot before you begin wagering money. You can play Wild Cats Multiline slot by visiting our list of  casinos. Depending on your geographical location, you should be able to play Wild Cats Multiline slot for free. Wild Cats Multiline free play is the best way to truly have a sense of how often you’ll be winning, and what amount you will be winning. When you play Wild Cats Multiline slot game on approved casinos, the actual game is hosted by the provider, meaning the game is the proper version, irrespective of whether you’re playing for fun or for cash.

Wild Cats Multiline Slot Game Hit Rate

The hit rate of Wild Cats Multiline slot game is 1/3.4 (29.58%). Why not compare this to the supplier’s advertised hit rate? When assessing hit rate, you should also take into account the max win. In the case of Wild Cats Multiline slot game, that max win is €2,088.00. Some slots pay out regularly but only give out small wins, while other slots rarely pay out but have the capacity to deliver huge wins. We encourage you to draw your own conclusions based on the number of spins tracked, hit rate, and highest recorded win. All this information – and more – on countless slots, can be found on our tool.

Wild Cats Multiline RTP

Wild Cats Multiline RTP currently stands at 101.78%. RTP stands for Return To Player and refers to the percentage of the total amount bet that is returned to the player as wins. The stat is not supposed to reflect the game’s output on a per-spin basis, but is measured over the long term. What do you make of Wild Cats Multiline RTP? You can use our tool to compare Wild Cats Multiline RTP to that of other high-performing slots.

A Wealth of Live Data

Suppliers provide lots of statistics for their products: RTP, top win, hit rate – you name it. These statistics are almost never questioned and are taken for granted. Now, you have a tool that allows you to check up on supplier’s claims. But remember – our data is live. This means that it’s constantly changing based on the outcome of players’ spins. If only a few spins have been tracked, the statistics can be slightly off.

When this happens, the stat is flagged.


When a stat appears outside our predetermined ranges, it is flagged as being unusual. These ranges are as follows:

Stats Range
Spins Less than 20,000
RTP 85%-110%
Hit Rate 1/2 – 1/8
Bonus Frequency 1/50 – 1/300

Our tool proves that slots often behave in unexpected ways. This is why some slots which have more than 20,000 spins tracked will sometimes display flagged stats. These stats are accurate reflections of the experiences players had on the game.

Wild Cats Multiline Online Slot Bonus

Bonuses in online casino are a world unto themselves. There’s casino bonuses and in-game bonuses. We offer a selection of great casino bonus offers from our choice of casinos. But if it’s in-game bonus you’re after, read on.

Our tool gives you fascinating insight into in-game bonuses. First, what are in-game bonuses? Modern slot games are packed with exciting features, graphics, and sounds. They usually also have extra rounds or gameplay that you can unlock. When you trigger these levels, you are given ‘free spins’ to use. These are called bonus spins. Players love this aspect of slots because there is a higher chance for them to win big when in the bonus levels of games. Because of this, we’ve set up our tool to show key statistics on bonuses.

Wild Cats Multiline online slot currently shows a bonus frequency of 1/69.3 (1.44%) with an average bonus RTP of 11.74x. This means that every time you spin, there’s a 1/69.3 (1.44%) chance you’ll get into the bonus rounds, and within the bonus rounds, a 11.74x average RTP.

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Will your tool help me to win big?

Our tool is intended to supplement your gaming activity. We strongly urge our community to use online casino products for entertainment purposes only. Slot games are built on RNG (random number generator) mechanics, which means that it is impossible to predict the outcome of a spin. That being said, slot games are built with different mechanics and maths models, and this is where our tool comes in. By having a record of all the outcomes of all the spins that were played by our community on slots, you will be able to find a slot that matches what you’re after.

Are you affiliated with casinos?

Our primary mission is to provide players with accurate, useful stats on the best online slots available. We do, however, offer players particular bonus promotions that they can make use of. These promotions are connected to our choice of online casinos that we select after a lengthy due-diligence process. Feel free to browse our list of casinos to see if there’s an offer that grabs your attention.

What data are you tracking?

Our tool tracks data related to your gaming activity only. This data is aggregated and presented back to you in the form of community stats. No other data is tracked.