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Leprechaun Goes Egypt

This Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot review will provide key statistics taken from our spin-tracking tool, Slot Tracker.

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Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot review

When assessing Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot, we first have to look at the question: what makes a good online slot? It’s not always easy to answer this question. Some big budget games have been flops, and some games that stood the test of time are exceedingly simple and unimpressive. The truth is, what makes a great game has nothing to do with flashy graphics (though these are important too); nor the braggadocious marketing claims of huge wins and astronomical RTP. What matters most is the experience players have playing the game, which in turn has a lot to do with the payout potential of the slot.

That’s what makes our Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot review different. It utilises our tool to give you actual player-generated data on Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot’s performance. Most reviews of Leprechaun Goes Egypt online slot will waffle on about the game’s features and supplier data. We look at the experiences our community of players have had playing Leprechaun Goes Egypt online slot.

Leprechaun Goes Egypt RTP

We start with Leprechaun Goes Egypt RTP as we believe that this is a core statistic for measuring a slot’s performance. RTP stands for Return To Player and refers to the percentage of the total bet that the player wins back over the long term. Leprechaun Goes Egypt RTP currently stands at 77.85%. This figure is based on 20,027 total spins that have been played on the game.

Suppliers will release official RTP statistics. Most newer slots have RTPs that are upwards of 95%. But these stats are established after millions of simulated spins. The actual RTP after a few spins is usually very different to the official RTP. This is why our tool is so interesting.

How does Leprechaun Goes Egypt RTP compare to other slots? Look up the game on Slot Tracker to find out!

Leprechaun Goes Egypt Hit Rate

RTP is a blunt tool – so let’s talk about hit rate. Leprechaun Goes Egypt online slot has a hit rate of 1/4.3 (23.51%). Hit rate is related to volatility, which is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the industry. Suppliers give volatility ratings to their products. There are two main volatility ratings: low volatility and high volatility.

  • A low volatility slot can drop wins regularly, but the wins are not usually very big.
  • A high volatility slot rarely gives out wins, but has the capacity to drop big wins.

Clear enough, but these are very broad definitions and slots are rarely this clearcut. You can find the volatility of Leprechaun Goes Egypt online slot by downloading our slot tracking tool. You will be able to compare the volatility of Leprechaun Goes Egypt online slot with the official supplier volatility. Is Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot game a high or low volatility game?

Leprechaun Goes Egypt Max Win

Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot game has a recorded top win of €2,151.00. Slots manufacturers often advertise the potential max win of games. With our tool, you will be able to scrutinise their claims and see whether anyone in the community managed to score a win that’s close to what’s advertised.

Leprechaun Goes Egypt Bonus

Many players are looking to land bonus spins when they play games online. This is understandable as it’s always incredibly exciting to trigger bonus rounds and the RTP generally increases during this phase of the game. Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot game has a bonus frequency of 1/382.0 (0.26%). The RTP of Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot game in the bonus rounds is 4.6x. This gives you a sense of the amount you are likely to win once you enter into the bonus rounds.

What do you think about the numbers we’ve provided on Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot game? You can download Slot Tracker to get even more stats and information.


Our data changes based on player experiences. When a slot game has a very low number of spins tracked, the stats displayed might not be normal. When statistics show up outside the normal ranges, they are flagged. Here are the ranges that we consider to be normal:

Stats Range
Spins Less than 20,000
RTP 85%-110%
Hit Rate 1/2 – 1/8
Bonus Frequency 1/50 – 1/300

Want more stats? Download our tool to get access to even more incredible data on the best online slots around.


Is Leprechaun Goes Egypt slot game safe?

Slots manufactured by the best providers are certified by authorised, independent third-party test facilities. A number of organisations are certified to test casino RNGs to ensure their randomness and fairness. Among them are names like eCOGRA, QUINEL, Gaming Labs International (GLI), Gaming Associates, and iTechLabs.

Is my data safe?

Our extension will only track data that is related to your online gaming activity. We’ve taken significant steps to ensure that your data is secure. Our platform is cryptographically signed which guarantees that the files you download came directly from us and have not been corrupted or tampered with. SSL Protection guarantees that all of your spin data is transmitted using the latest secure technology and is protected with the highest level SSL certificates.

Why is your tool special?

Our tool is revolutionary – no other spin tracking software currently exists, and the concept of sharing data amongst players is a first. Thus far, the only available statistics on slots have come from suppliers. Players were in the dark on other players’ experiences. Other than the occasional post on online message boards, there was no way a player could know how a slot was really performing. Our tool is one of the few innovations in the industry that empowers you – the player – by connecting you to thousands of other players through data. When you download our tool, you are no longer an individual navigating the vast ocean of online casino alone – you become a part of a community.