Stats Updated On : July 17, 2024

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot!

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! slot by Microgaming has 1,210 total spins tracked by Slot Tracker community members. Have you tracked this slot yet?

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9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! Community Data

This data is your snapshot of how this slot is tracking for the community.

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9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! Community Bonus Data

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9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! slot review

This isn’t your standard Microgaming 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! slot review. We’re basing what we’ve got to say about this slot on 1,210 total spins tracked by the community on our Slot Tracker extension.

These spins are the foundation of all the other data points – RTP, hit rate, bonus frequency, etc. – that we track. Keep in mind that if a slot has less than 20,000 spins tracked or was added to our slot tracking tool less than two weeks ago, we can consider the rest of its tracked stats to be less reliable or accurate. If the slot has over 20,000 spins tracked, then you can rely on this data better.

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! RTP & SRP

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! RTP is 63.13% while its SRP is 59.48% right now.

It’s not uncommon for a slot’s RTP and SRP to differ from what’s quoted by Microgaming. Remember, that an RTP percentage of slots indicates how much you can expect to win over the long run. In fact, game providers calculate this RTP value over thousands upon thousands of theoretical spins. This is where the difference (if any) between the RTP you’ll see on a slot’s info tab vs. what the community has tracked comes from.

In general, the more spins tracked on a given slot, the more likely it is for the community RTP to reflect what the game provider quotes. Just take Play’n GO’s Book of Dead or Relax Gaming’s Marching Legions. Their high number of tracked spins means that their community RTP is usually close to the provider’s.

FYI, most of the slots released nowadays have an RTP between 92% – 98% but we consider an RTP between 85% – 110% to be within reasonable limits – as long as the number of spin tracked is above 20,000.

SRP is essentially RTP stripped down to a spin-by-spin basis. By taking the Total RTP over the Total Spins, it creates an average RTP that’s not affected by different bet sizes.

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! Win Data

One of the main benefits of tracking slots online is to know exactly when and what you’re winning. We track two win data points: the slot’s hit rate and its best win.

A typical hit rate will range between 1/2 – 1/8 which means that you can expect to land a win in every 2 to 8 spins. At a community level, 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot!’s hit rate is %%Hit Rate (Fraction)%% or %%Hit Rate (%)%% at the moment.

On the other hand, the best win caps at the highest win possible in this game as set by the game provider. To date, the best win tracked by a community member is %%Best Win (multiplier)%%.

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! Bonus Details

Today, most casino games feature evermore engaging bonus rounds and mechanics. Think the new Hold and Win Respins features on Quickspin’s Apollo Pays or NetEnt’s feature-filled Dead or Alive 2. It’s for this reason that we give due emphasis on what you can track during a bonus round.

We track three main 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! bonus details: its total bonuses, bonus frequency, and average bonus. Total bonuses is pretty much self-explanatory, and 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! has currently given out 5 total bonuses to the community.

As for bonus frequency, this is the number of times you can expect to land a bonus in every X number of spins. We consider a normal bonus frequency to range anywhere between 1/50 to 1/300. Right now, this slot has a bonus frequency of 1/242.0 (0.41%).

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! Volatility

Slot volatility is one of those must-know statistics. It tells you how often a slot typically pays out, and is typically one of the major deciding factors on which slot to play next.

At the moment, we can’t make 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! volatility public – you’ll have to join the Slot Tracker community for that. What we can tell you, is a little more about how we categorise a slot’s volatility.

Our categories are:

  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • Medium/high
  • High
  • Very high
  • Extreme

Each slot’s volatility is shown on a dial on the console.

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! casinos to track this slot

You can play 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! at many different casinos but there are a few recommended 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! slot sites by the community. They are Video Slots, and Stake Casino.


I’ve played 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! slot plenty of times. Your statistics are incorrect. Why is that?

9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot!’s statistics are based on 1,210 total spins tracked by the community. These stats change as new spins are tracked everyday. Get started with Slot Tracker today to track 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! and contribute to its community data.

Can I track 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! for free on Slot Tracker?

Slot Tracker is free to use but you’ll need to place real money bets to track 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! free play on our extension.

Can I track 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot! with a casino bonus?

It depends. If this slot is fairly popular and was released by a big-name game provider, it’s likely that you’ll find welcome bonuses or current promotions that offer free spins or a deposit bonus to benefit from. Check out our top casino bonuses here.

What should I do if I get an error while tracking 9 Blazing Diamonds Wowpot!?

If you notice something isn’t right while you’re tracking, you use the in-extension Report an issue function or contact us.