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What can you learn from our online casino guide?

We’ll give you an overview of online casino, from high-level concepts to granular casino terms. We’ll also talk about how you can enhance your gaming experience by following streamers, reading reviews, or using free play. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

Learn the proper casino terminology

Volatility? RTP? Big win? Hearing seasoned gamers talk is a real word salad. But once you get an understanding of the lingo, it will all become crystal clear. Visit our slots dictionary page.

Some key Slot Tracker terms

Slot Tracker’s statistics are based on the data gathered from the community of players that use the tool to track their spins.

Community RTPRTP is short for Return to Player. Community RTP is an RTP stat that’s based on the data gathered from ALL the Slot Tracker community’s players/spins. 
Note: RTP is used to describe the percentage of wagered money that players can expect to win back over time. It is calculated by dividing the amount of money paid out by a slot by the amount of money wagered, and multiplying by 100.
In (Loss)The total amount of money wagered.
Out (Profit) The total amount of money that has been won by players.
P&LThe total sum of all profits and losses.
Total SpinsThe total number of spins tracked.

Some Key General Casino Terms

Here are some key general casino terms.

Free SpinsFree spins can refer to bonus spins that are used to promote slot games or casinos. These free spins are usually connected to wagering requirements. Free spins can also refer to bonus spins that are built into a slot game – often in the so-called bonus game.
Hit FrequencyIn simple terms, hit frequency is a percentage that refers to the probability of a spin resulting in a win. It is a theoretical number and certainly not an accurate prediction. 
Progressive JackpotA jackpot that increases as a portion of the players’ losses contribute to increasing the size of the jackpot.
RTPReturn to player (RTP) refers to the theoretical percentage of the players’ total wager that is returned to the player as winnings over the long term.
VolatilityVolatility refers to the theoretical distribution of RTP within a game. In simple terms, a high volatility slot is one that pays out rarely, but delivers significant wins (high risk/high reward). A low volatility slot, by contrast, pays out often, but delivers small wins (low risk/low reward).

So what now?

The world of online casino never sits still. There are all types of players and games out there. Casinos offer old-school games to players who love the classics – while also innovating new features to attract new generations of gamers. 

We strive to improve our community’s knowledge, to help you become better at tracking spins and – ultimately – up your game.

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