Stats Updated On : April 15, 2024

Gods Of Olympus Megaways

This review utilises our Slot Tracker tool to provide you with data-driven insight into the experiences players have had playing Gods Of Olympus Megaways slot.

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About This Gods Of Olympus Megaways Slot Review

With our spin tracking tool, you’ll be able to check a slot’s record of wins and losses before you put money into it. Every time a player in our community spins, we monitor the result of that spin and feed all the data back to our community of players. In this way, by pooling together our data, we can establish some key stats to measure and track slots: RTP, volatility, hit rate, you name it!

Gods Of Olympus Megaways RTP

Gods Of Olympus Megaways RTP is currently 222.11%. This is live data that is subject to change as players continue to track spins on this slot. Gods Of Olympus Megaways slot currently has 13,886 spins tracked.

Because our data is raw and not curated or managed, it might sometimes show unusual results due to a small number of spins tracked. When a statistic is outside a certain range that we consider to be normal, it is flagged.

Our Data vs Gods Of Olympus Megaways Blueprint data

The real advantage of our data is that it’s based on actual spins played by real people. Supplier data is based on millions of simulated spins.

Furthermore, you can use our tool to check whether slots perform as advertised. Suppliers and casinos sometimes make big claims about their products; with our tool you’ll be able to check whether what they say is true. Our data is not hypothetical – it’s a reflection of actual players’ spins.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and refers to the money that can potentially be won from a slot game expressed as a percentage of the total amount of money that is bet on a slot. People often think that a slot with a high RTP is a slot that pays out generously, but there are a lot of factors that can affect the win potential of a slot.

Rather than just take the supplier’s RTP stat at face value, open up our Slot Tracker console and look at the slot’s highest win, its hit rate, RTP,  and SRP. This way, you’ll have a much better sense of what kind of slot you’re dealing with.

Gods Of Olympus Megaways slot has a high win of €1,200.00. Gods Of Olympus Megaways RTP currently stands at 222.11%. It has an SRP of 273.11% and a hit rate of 1/2.7 (36.66%). There’s lots more information available on the game. Discover more by downloading our tool.

Bonus Stats

Most slots by major suppliers come with bonus rounds, also known as free spins rounds. The excitement and thrill of entering bonus rounds is mostly due to the fact there’s generally a better chance of winning in these free spins rounds compared to the main game.

Gods Of Olympus Megaways online slot has a bonus frequency of 1/7.0 (14.22%) with a total RTP in bonus rounds of 52.68x. What do you make of this?

Gods Of Olympus Megaways free play

Good news: Gods Of Olympus Megaways free play is available! Most of the top online casinos allow you to play Gods Of Olympus Megaways slot for free, but it depends on your jurisdiction. When you play for free, you’re not playing for real money – but the slot game behaves exactly as it would if you were playing with real money. You can get a feel for the game and see if it’s a right fit.

Then there’s promotional free spins. Plenty of casinos offer promotional free spins offers. Check out our list of bonus offers. Make sure you read the Ts & Cs to understand what the offer actually entails.

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Is Gods Of Olympus Megaways online slot safe to play?

Slots made by the industry’s top suppliers (such as Gods Of Olympus Megaways provider) are rigorously tested by third party companies such as eCOGRA to ensure that their RNG engine performs as advertised. Contrary to popular belief, casino products are highly regulated and need to undergo hefty testing in order to be compliant.

How can I win big with Gods Of Olympus Megaways slot?

Slots are inherently unpredictable. Some slots allow you to increase your chances of winning by increasing your wager (for instance). But mostly, slots are totally random, and Gods Of Olympus Megaways slot is no exception. Big wins are often found in the free spins bonus levels of the game.

Are you affiliated with any supplier or casino?

We operate independently of other entities and the data we provide to players is totally objective.