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Slot Tracker Downloads

Getting your computer setup for tracking just takes a few minutes. You will require our extension software to get Slot Tracker working. This is available for you to download below. If theres anything else you need, you can Contact Us.

Google Chrome Extension
Slot Tracker uses a Google extension to manage the slot data that is created when your play. This extension is required to use Slot Tracker. Download and install the Slot Tracker Google extension by clicking download.
  1. Click the “download” button
  2. Save to a preferred location on your computer
  3. Unzip the folder (remember where you saved it)
  4. Open Chrome and go to the far right of the page, in settings (where the three dots are)
  5. Scroll down to “more tools”
  6. Click on “extensions”
  7. Enable “developer mode” on the far right of the screen. This will then allow you to load up extensions
  8. On the far left, click on “Load unpacked” and select the unzipped folder from your desktop called “slottracker-chrome-extension”.
    * select the folder as is. Don’t select sub folders separately! Once installed, you’ll see the extension in your list of extensions.
  9. Once installed, click on the red Slottracker icon to the right of your address bar in Chrome and log in using the email address registered at
  10. Log in, launch console and get tracking! Please ensure you do not delete the files as this will cause the tracker to stop working.

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